Shipping Information

Currently, delivery times may take up to 1-3 weeks depending on your state.  We thank you for your patience during these challenging times! – Due to the volume of delays and customer questions, please do not reach out for shipping updates until week 3! We will not have any freight information to share with you until that time. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

We will ship your rubber mulch order out as quickly as possible. It may deliver prior to the above-listed window but we cannot guarantee delivery times. Please follow the guidelines directly above on when to contact us about your delivery.

Longer delivery times have occurred due to:
* We are still experiencing the after-effects and “near-the-end” effects of a worldwide covid-19 pandemic.
* Nationwide shortage of workers in all industries, slowing down manufacturing production.
* Extreme national shortage of truck drivers to deliver goods.
* Current shortage of resin for paint is causing additional delays.
* High Demand! Extremely strong growth in the popularity of rubber mulch as the top solution for playground surfacing, landscaping mulch, equestrian footing, and as the surface of choice for outdoor training.