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Rubber TireRecycling rubber tires
Why Use Rubber Mulch?
RubberMulch Is Safe for Children

Rubber Mulch is Safe & Long Lasting for
Playgrounds, Landscaping, Military,
Equestrian, and Backyard Uses.

Best Rubber Mulch: Eco-Friendly Ground Covering

Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds, Landscaping, Training and Equestrian Footing

Rubber mulch is quickly becoming a favorite material for both residential and commercial uses. It's safer, better looking, and longer lasting than any alternative ground covering. Rubber mulch is versatile enough to be used for:

Our rubber mulch is eco-friendly, made from recycled tires and is 99.9% wire free. We offer a wide selection of colors, sure to complement any existing home colors or playground equipment.  It is highly resilient, and will not compress, rot, deteriorate or fade even after daily use and constant exposure to the elements. It doesn’t melt or emit an odor in the summer heat, or freeze during cold winter nights.

Order Rubber Mulch Safer than wood. Fast Delivery. "Dirt" cheap.

FREE SHIPPING Nationwide on All Rubber Mulch Orders!

Whether you’re landscaping your home, resurfacing a playground, building an equestrian arena, or making a shooting range safer, you’ll get the lowest prices on rubber mulch right here. We order directly from distributors in your area to get you the best deal possible.

Plus, we offer FREE shipping on ALL orders. One pallet of retail size bags? Free shipping. A hundred pallets? Free shipping. Ordering from Texas? Florida? Pennsylvania? Free shipping.

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Incredible Safety Features of Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch provides superior fall protection when compared to other traditional surfacing materials. Rubber mulch meets ASTM, ADA and CPSC standards for outdoor loose materials. On playgrounds it can provide fall protection up to 12’. It will not compact or deteriorate, consistently providing a safe fall surface on commercial and residential playgrounds.

Rubber mulch greatly reduces stress on joints and bones of animals when competing in show arenas and provides a springy, shock-absorbent surface for military training, ropes courses and obstacle courses. It dampens the noise of a shooting range, while drastically reducing the chance of a stray ricochet.

Whether you’re providing a safe playground surface for a large commercial playground, or looking to protect your horses and riders in your arena or simply giving your kids a safe place to play in your backyard; Best Rubber Mulch provides high quality, safe surfacing material for residential and commercial applications.

Why Best Rubber Mulch?

Best Rubber Mulch provides our customers with safe, non-toxic rubber mulch made from recycled tires. Our eco-friendly mulch is odor free and virtually wire free. There is no size requirement when purchasing from us. You can choose to buy in bulk or convenient retail bags. We sell both super sacks and retail size bags. Find out how much rubber mulch per square foot you need with our rubber mulch calculator.

We buy direct from manufacturers, which allows us to sell our mulch at much more affordable prices than large box stores.

Our mulch is much more durable and resilient when compared to traditional wood mulch and woodchips: Keep your yard and playground looking great for many years with minimal maintenance.

RubberMulch Requires Minimal Maintenance

Rubber Mulch: Buy in Bulk or Retail

Place your high quality rubber mulch order with Best Rubber Mulch today.
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PLEASE NOTE: Currently, delivery times may take up to 1-2 weeks, depending on your state. PLEASE NOTE: UNPAINTED NATURAL BLACK, BLUE & GREEN may take up to 4 WEEKS for delivery. Thank you for your patience during these challenging times! – Due to the volume of delays and customer questions, please do not reach out for shipping updates until week 3! We will not have any freight information to share with you until that time. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. You!

Shipping Info

a. Deliveries are Mondays through Fridays.

b. The freight carrier will call you one business day before scheduling your delivery. Your rubber mulch is on standard 48” x 48” pallets and includes curbside/end of driveway delivery, with liftgate service.

c. Curbside/End of Driveway Delivery: The Driver will lower the pallet(s) using a lift gate and then use a manual pallet jack to move the pallet onto the end of the driveway when possible. Pallet Jack can only operate on a paved surface. In some locations, the driver may not have access to the end of a driveway but will work to deliver as close as possible.

d. We will ship your rubber mulch order out as quickly as possible. It may deliver before the above-listed window, but we cannot guarantee delivery times. Please follow the guidelines directly above on when to contact us about your delivery.

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